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Oxbow investors are people with significant wealth. In many cases, they have had liquidity events such as selling a business or inheriting assets. With any liquidity event comes significant decisions. Decisions that need to be made with people who have extensive hands-on experience. Our investors and portfolio managers understand the difference between making money and keeping money.

Sold Your Business?

When the company was yours, you could bounce back after hard times. But when losses come after selling the business, bouncing back is no longer an alternative. Ted Oakley sits down for an honest chat with business owners about the real state of the economy and what it means for someone who is thinking about selling their company.
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Ted Oakley’s Newest Book 2023

Stay Rich with a Balanced Portfolio

In Stay Rich with a Balanced Portfolio, Ted Oakley explores the concepts and strategies every investor should consider in the continuous quest for financial balance and the confidence that comes with it.

Ted Oakley’s Complimentary Books

“I know exactly what you’re going through. I’ve talked to over 3,000 business owners over the last 40 years.” -Ted Oakley-

Ted Oakley has developed his knowledge through over more than three decades of assisting former business owners as they take steps to reach the next level in their life. These books are a guide for that next level.
Your Money Mentality

Ted Oakley’s new book Your Money Mentality explains how investing is not linear and that successful investing sometimes goes against conventional wisdom.  From Oakley’s years of experience, he walks investors through the highs and lows of the market to help them determine their own money mentality.

You Sold Your Company 2022

In the 2022, 4th edition of You Sold Your Company, Ted Oakley addresses how so many people who have sold companies don’t realize the impact of where and when they are in the cycle. If you have sold previously or plan to sell in the future, this book is an invaluable resource.

The Psychology of Staying Rich

Strange as it may sound, holding on to wealth often turns out to be harder for families than getting it in the first place. The majority of wealthy Americans fail to keep their fortunes in the family for more than a single generation — and many don’t make it that far.

Crazy Time

Navigating confidently through the first critical year after selling your business, “Crazy Time” addresses each of the areas where the partners at Oxbow Advisors have seen newly liquid business owners face trouble.

$30 Million & Broke

In $30 MILLION AND BROKE: If You Have It, Don’t Lose It forty-year investment veteran J. Ted Oakley explores the phenomena of going from rags-to-riches, then the unfortunate turn from riches-to-rags.

Danger Time

The follow up to “Crazy Time” details the “Danger Time” that business owners face in the second and third years following a sale.  It warns investors of the dangers posed by overconfidence and ego.

Oxbow Advisors Video Library

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Ted Oakley gives his expert opinion on Fox Business, Yahoo Finance, TD Ameritrade Network, & Cheddar TV, to name a few.

We Understand You Video Playlist

There’s a lot more that goes on than just managing your money after you sell your business, This video playlist focuses on this.

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This video playlist focuses on the advantages that independent firms, like Oxbow Advisors, have over their Wall Street competitors.

$20 Million & Broke Video Playlist

This video playlist focuses on the mistakes that investors make time and again that turn family fortunes into nothing.

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