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Danger Time

The follow up to “Crazy Time” details the “Danger Time” that business owners face in the second and third years following a sale.  It warns investors of the dangers posed by overconfidence and ego.
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The Psychology of Staying Rich

Strange as it may sound, holding on to wealth often turns out to be harder for families than getting it in the first place. The majority of wealthy Americans fail to keep their fortunes in the family for more than a single generation — and many don’t make it that far.

You Sold Your Company

“You Sold Your Company” offers incisive and a sometimes surprising analysis of the emotional impact of selling a company – and the life changes that usually come with it.

Crazy Time

Navigating confidently through the first critical year after selling your business, “Crazy Time” addresses each of the areas where the partners at Oxbow Advisors have seen newly liquid business owners face trouble.

$30 Million & Broke

In $30 MILLION AND BROKE: If You Have It, Don’t Lose It forty-year investment veteran J. Ted Oakley explores the phenomena of going from rags-to-riches, then the unfortunate turn from riches-to-rags.

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